Age Verification Working Group Mission Statement: The Age Verification working group develops and/or adopts standards to support the NACS Age Verification Project. Active Projects: Reviews and comments on APIs and develops documentation in support of the NACS Age Verification Project. Leadership: The Working Group Chair and Vice Chair positions are currently open.  If interested in running for either position, please email: [email protected]  
API Focus Working Group Mission Statement:  The API Focus Working Group develops and prioritizes the roadmap for APIs.  This working group reports to RBR and like RBR, only retailers have a vote.  Suppliers, however, are encouraged to participate so the retailers have the technical background necessary to make informed decisions. Active Projects: The API Focus Working Group is actively discussing required APIs and the priority of each.
Board Of Advisors This group is for the leadership of Conexxus. View the current Board of Advisors.
Board of Directors This group is for the leadership of Conexxus. View the current Board of Directors.
Business Data Exchange Committee Mission Statement: The Business Data Exchange Parent Committee works with standards for electronic business to business for retail, lottery and motor fuels.  The mission of the Business Data Exchange Committee is to develop and/or adopt standards for doing business electronically in the areas of retail merchandise, order to payment process, lottery accounting reconciliation, and motor fuels data flow. The Committee has both supplier and retailer members.
Car Wash Working Group Mission Statement: To create an FDC/POS-Car Wash standard that can be leveraged for modern car wash functionality as well as by devices on the forecourt with similar use cases (e.g. air pumps).
Cloud POS Calculation API Working Group Mission Statement: To create and prioritize business requirements for microservice based POS systems, and provide new draft interface standards (proposed) describing APIs for these systems, as well as propose refactoring of existing Conexxus Standards and provide drafts of such refactoring that will fit into the new architecture.
Committee and Working Group Chairs and Vice Chairs This group is for the leadership of Conexxus committees. View the current list of Committee Chairs,
Conexxus Membership Group This group is for all Conexxus members.  View the Membership Directory to see the current list of member organizations.
Conexxus Staff Group Group for staff to test group functionality.
Data Privacy Mission Statement: The Data Privacy Working Group is tasked with education for the convenience and retail fuel industry on existing and future data privacy legislation. Active Projects: Webinars White Papers Quick Reference Guides Checklists Leadership: Elections for leadership will take place soon.  If interested in running for chair or vice-chair, please email [email protected]
Data Security Committee Mission Statement: Committee dedicated to achieving meaningful, best in class, data security guidance for our industry, in line with PCI-DSS requirements and industry best practices.   Active Projects: The DSC is writing a white paper “PCI Compliance Responsibilities for Convenience and Fuel Retail Industry,” with the intent to provide an overview of the entities directly or indirectly involved in fuel retail and how to determine appropriate responsibility for PCI-DSS compliance.
Device Integration Committee Mission Statement: The Device Integration Committee develops and/or adopts standards to facilitate the integration of all devices and applications within a convenience store both on the forecourt and within the store and to offsite systems. The objective is to have all devices in a store connected and communicating with each other as well as the home office.
Digital Offers Working Group Mission Statement:  The Digital Offers Working Group identifies and develops standards for the exchange of data needed in a digital offers ecosystem.  The term digital offers encompasses marketing, coupons, and other offers.  
Electronic Payment Server Working Group Mission Statement: The Electronic Payment Server Working Group (EPS) works to develop and adopt a U.S. domestic standard for managing credit/debit/fleet card transaction processing from the POS through the use of an electronic payment server.    Active Projects:
Food Service Working Group Mission Statement: The Food Service Working Group works to develop a standard interface for made to order food service that allows data transfer and synchronization between a mobile application with ordering, a customer self-service ordering terminal, the point of sale, the back office and the kitchen production system   Active Projects:
Forecourt Device Controller Working Group Mission Statement: To enable a standard messaging interface to the forecourt device controller to provide status updates for devices on the forecourt. 
Forecourt Payment Terminal Working Group Mission Statement: The Forecourt Payment Terminal working group develops and/or adopts standards to facilitate the integration of payment terminals on the forecourt. Active Projects: Standardizing a payment terminal protocol.  Future work may include an API standard. Leadership: The Working Group Chair is Dan Harrell (Invenco).  The Vice Chair is Stephen McBrayer (Dover Fueling Solutions).  
Gift Card Working Group Mission Statement:  The Gift Card Working Group identifies and develops API standards for data exchange needed to interface to a gift card host for many transaction types, include issuance, activation, and use as a payment method.   Active Projects: The Gift Card Working Group is just getting kicked off and will be developing a draft standard for gift cards.   Leadership: The Chair is Bob Hoblit with InComm. The Vice Chair is Danilo Portal with Zipline.  
Intelligent Cash Drawer Working Group Mission Statement: To develop a standard interface for an Intelligent Cash Drawer that will allow Conexxus retail members to easily and quickly implement Intelligent Cash Drawer functionality into their POS environments, and offer retailers the full advantage of automated cash counting at the Point of Sale, the ability to streamline cash handling processes and control and reduce their
IoT Working Group Mission Statement: To create an IoT data model standard that can be leveraged for the collection and normalization of data generated by IoT devices & sensors.
Joint API Work Group Mission Statement: The Joint API Work Group will identify commonalities between IFSF and Conexxus standards, both existing and future, as they may be applied to the creation of API Standards; the group will create API standards addressing those common needs. Active Projects:
Loyalty Working Group Mission Statement: The Loyalty Working Group works to develop and adopt a U.S. domestic standard for the exchange of loyalty transaction information and facilitate integration of POS interfaces for use by different loyalty programs, thereby affording retailers the opportunity to participate in various loyalty programs leveraging one standardized interface to their POS and back office systems.
Mobile Working Group Mission Statement: The Mobile Working Group works to develop and adopt a U.S. domestic standard for mobile payments within the fueling and convenience retailing environment.  The Mobile Payments standard provides a mobile solution for both indoor and outdoor payments, as well as support for loyalty functionality.  Active Projects:  The Group is currently working to update and release a new version of the Mobile Payments Specification. 
POS Back Office Committee Mission Statement: The mission of the POS/Back Office Committee is to develop standards that facilitate the efficient communication of information specific to the convenience and petroleum retailing environment particularly between the traditional functions of point of sale devices and back office workstations. 
Retail Financial Transactions Committee Mission Statement: The mission of the Retail Financial Transactions Committee is to promote development, adoption, and maintenance of efficient retail financial transaction solutions through global standards.  Active Projects:  The parent committee is responsible for the Payment System Products Codes, Point to Point Encryption Specification, and in 2019 will be continuing work related to EMV Fleet Tags (in connection with USPF and IFSF) and an EMV Implementation Resource Guide for Petroleum.
Retailer Business Requirements Committee Mission Statement: Retailer Business Requirements Committee (RBR) actively solicits retailers to help solve today’s common business problems and those foreseeable in the future by driving new work items that are consistent with retailer business requirements. 
Security Advisory Working Group Mission Statement: The Security Advisory Working Group provides security guidance to all Conexxus working groups and committees that are developing standards.  Implementing security concepts from the start of development ensures robust standards that reduce potential security risks for all stakeholders.  This group includes members that have demonstrated technical expertise around security and compliance within the convenience retail market.  Members of this group must be and remain active as they are assigned to Conexxus working groups and committees based on their experti
Standards Quality Assurance Mission Statement: The Standards Quality Assurance (SQA) Committee ensures high quality standards are produced by Conexxus technical committees and fosters an environment of continuous process and quality improvement.    Active Projects:
Technical Advisory Committee Mission Statement: The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) coordinates the activities of the various technical committees.  The Committee is governed by the Conexxus Operating Procedures and reviews technical documentation to ensure accuracy and completeness.
Technology Research Committee Committee Makeup:  The membership of the Technology Research Committee (TRC) is comprised of all members of the Conexxus Board of Advisors, engaged retailers, along with Conexxus staff and specific NACS staff members.  A recent By-law change approved by the Conexxus Boards allows any non-member retailer to participate in TRC activities for up to one year, before a Gold or Silver membership is required.
website testing group Group for website testing only