Motor Fuel Interface

Automating data exchange for common business processes creates business efficiency by eliminating time spent on paperwork and fixing errors from manually entered data. This in turn allows more time for store personnel to spend on store operation and management, as well as interaction with customers. Automation can be achieved through electronic document exchange of fuel pricing, bills of lading, fuel delivery, and fuel invoicing. The Conexxus Motor Fuels specification supports data exchange related to motor fuel purchasing by the retailer by providing with information for the bill of lading, fuel pricing, delivery, invoicing, and purchase orders.

NAXML schemas provide transmission information (e.g., ID, date, time of transmission, and status), as well as information regarding the parties involved in the file exchange (e.g., supplier and buyer). The schemas also provide support for reporting elements specific to each document type.  For example, a bill of lading document includes the invoice number, purchase order number, and start and end load time and date. When and how documents are exchanged and how data is populated in the documents must be agreed upon between the retailer and supplier before document exchange occurs.