Use of Conexxus Name and Logo

A statement of policy regarding the protection of the Conexxus name, logo, and any related trademarks.

It is the policy of Conexxus, Inc. (“Conexxus”) to require all members of the organization, as well as any non-members, to adhere to all laws and regulations that apply to the use of the organization’s name and the use of any trademarks related to or owned by the organization, as well as to the limitations on use of the Conexxus name or logo contained in the Conexxus Bylaws (Section 3.5).  

Accordingly, ownership of the Conexxus name, logo, and any relevant trademarks related to Conexxus exclusively resides with Conexxus, which shall have the exclusive right to use such name and trademarks for its own purposes.  The Conexxus name, logo, and marks shall not be used for any purpose without the express written prior approval of Conexxus, except that current members of the organization shall be permitted to indicate such membership, and to reference the Conexxus name and trademarks in the description of services provided and/or software applications and their associated specifications and documentation.

Notwithstanding such permitted use, no member shall be permitted to use the Coexxus name, logo, or any marks to make any statement or assertion of endorsement by Conexxus of any member’s products and/or services.  Any assertion by any entity, whether it be a Conexxus member or member of the public, that its product and/or service uses, relies on, or is based upon, any standards developed by Conexxus shall contain the following disclaimer:

“References to the Conexxus name, logo, and other Conexxus trademarks do not express or imply approval, endorsement or certification by Conexxus, Inc. of the products or services documented herein.”

Furthermore, in accordance with the Conexxus Bylaws (Section 3.5), no member shall claim to represent Conexxus for any purpose without the prior written approval of the Conexxus Board of Directors.  Such written request shall be submitted to the Secretary of the Board of Directors at least thirty (30) days before such representation or claim for which approval is being sought. 

Download a zip file containing jpg and png versions of the standard logo, as well as a gif file of the member logo, along with the color palette.  A high resolution logo for printed materials is available by request (email [email protected]).