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2021 Membership Renewals

Conexxus Members - it's time to renew!

We are looking forward to 2021 and are excited about all the good work the Conexxus team and our membership have planned for 2021! 

Most of your memberships expire on December 31, 2020.   Renewal notices were emailed to the billing contact on record for your company on November 2.  The subject line was "2021 Conexxus Membership Renewal Notice” and the e-mail came from Ann Zecca. 

If you are the billing contact, and you did not receive your renewal notice, please click Renew Now below  to have the information resent. 

If you are not the billing contact, please be sure to follow up with your billing contact to ensure the renewal was received and processed! 

If you have any questions about your membership, contacts, or the renewal process, please do not hesitate to contact Ann Zecca via the Renew Now button below.  Click Here for a copy of the current Conexxus W-9. 


Thank you for your continuous support and hard work!  We look forward to a new year full of new and exciting accomplishments!

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From Gray Taylor, Executive Director:

Dear Members:

It has been an extraordinary year since we last connected about renewing your company’s membership in Conexxus. With the industry seeing rapid declines in core category sales and vast changes to the customer experience, I think we are all asking, “Did our technology help or hinder our response?”

The disruption we face today IS the “new normal.”  New business models and rapid adoption of digital commerce are stressing systems designed to function in linear data flows, in brick and mortar formats.  Whether caused by a global pandemic, new digital competition, or consumers now comfortable with digital commerce, disruption is the only certainty, and 2020 has brought us all together to stare into the abyss of our technology debt.  

Two years ago, Conexxus and its member leadership embarked on a journey to re-engineer standards to support the API Economy – the key enabler of digital transformation – by adopting the more modern JSON data, operating through reusable microservices embracing multi-point communications.  Through investing over $1M to design a certification framework, Conexxus has identified 52 APIs that will transform our ability to thrive in the disruptive economy within months AND provide a cost savings of almost 70%.  When we’ll be able to implement these APIs is a question of funding…

With your continued support and valuable leadership, we will save years of project time and prioritize innovation at a time where innovation is everything.  Conexxus is poised to provide a Better, Faster and Cheaper way to modernize our technology stack with the bold strategy to spend more to quickly deliver APIs, and we cannot afford to lose time on this cornerstone initiative.  Now is the time to fully support our digital transformation so that we can fully empower yours.

Thank you for your essential membership and engagement.  Please consider upgrading your membership and/or sponsoring Conexxus for 2021 and reach out to colleagues who may not be aware of the value Conexxus brings to our industry.

Best regards,
Gray Taylor