Enabling Connections... Finding Solutions

Conexxus is a non-profit, member-driven technology organization dedicated to the development and implementation of standards, technologies innovation and advocacy for the convenience store and retail fueling market.  Conexxus membership collaborates on key present and future industry challenges and innovations. Our work efforts improve profitability by reducing the cost of IT ownership and improving the competitiveness of our members.


Conexxus will improve the financial success and viability of our industry. We will realize this Vision through creating data exchange standards, fostering innovation, creating expert communities, leveraging industry knowledge and advocating on behalf of our industry for equitable and open standards and practices.  In pursuit of our Vision, our market will become a prime partner to technology innovators seeking entry to retail.

To achieve our Vision, Conexxus will provide a collegial and collaborative forum where all industry stakeholders work together on a level playing field, with equal opportunities to establish strategy, objectives, work agenda and governance of the organization.  Member companies of any size will have an equal voice in our agenda and mission.  Our membership is open to not only market specific companies, but to any companies or organizations that might contribute to our Mission.


Conexxus solves unique technology challenges of the convenience and fuel industry.  Membership in Conexxus will be considered “essential” as a result of delivering on its Vision and Mission.



  What we do...

  How we do it...


Understanding the future

Conexxus' Innovation Research Committee is dedicated to identifying key trends and technology innovations that may impact our business.


Voice of market

Conexxus' Retailer Business Requirements committee – comprised of dedicated retailers – hears and prioritizes our agenda in an open format.


Technology standards creation

Conexxus is comprised of standards committees focused on targeted elements within the enterprise, including:

  • Device Integration (forecourt, etc.)

  • Retail Financial Transactions (payments, loyalty, etc.)

  • Electronic B2B (fuels, merchandise, etc.)

  • POS Back Office (integration)

  • Data Security (PCI, EMV, security/compliance guides)


Implementation of work product

Conexxus Standards Quality Assurance and Technical Advisory Committee ensure that all work product is consistent, of high quality and implementable by membership.


Industry thought leadership Through achieving its Mission and Vision, Conexxus work and social events bring the industry experts together to identify and resolve technology challenges.  The aggregate experience and knowledge of its membership make it a critical resource for improving our memberships' profits.
  Collaboration on workflow No other organization in retail offers the ability for vendors and customers to work side by side, on equal footing and without regard to company size or share, to resolve technical challenges.  Through this experience, lifelong relationships are created and maintained.


Broad market representation While convenience and petroleum are a significant segment of retail, other segments – formats, focus or geographies - will create standards by chance or purpose that can be detrimental to our membership's profitability or position.  Conexxus provides and industry voice and expert hand in revising these standards to incorporate the unique aspects of our market.
  Government Legislators and regulators often craft "standards" in pursuit of equity or innovation in society.  Conexxus provides subject matter expertise to NACS Government Relations resources to ensure that our industry needs, constraints and interests are truthfully represented and comprehended in our increasingly technology-focused society.
  Market Powers Similar to our government agenda, private companies can achieve such market power as to influence our market much like a regulator; affecting competition, investment and availability within our market.  Conexxus directly represents the interests of our market to these powers, to ensure equitable relations and competition.