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Conexxus enables all industry stakeholders (retailers, suppliers, and industry non-profits) to improve their profitability by providing data and operations standards, technology innovation and advocacy.  Our work reduces the implementation costs, maintenance and time-to-market of enterprise system automation.  Our community is comprised of the brightest technologists in the industry; providing clarity in a complex technology landscape and ready network to help your company maximize its technology investments.  

Our involvement, in partnership with NACS, with broad-market vendors, standards bodies and regulatory entities ensures the technology landscape comprehends our industry’s interests.  

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Conexxus plays an essential role in ensuring that your company – as a member or our industry - remains competitive, relevant and viable today, and tomorrow.  Our Mission is of critical importance to all stakeholders.  Virtually every retailer in our industry uses some of our work product and Intellectual Property; work completed by peers who share the passion of the Conexxus Mission.  Retailers have long benefitted from the improved connectivity offered by vendors, and vendors have been able to divert resources from integration to value-added enhancements that foster innovation.

Conexxus, as a non-profit organization, relies exclusively on membership dollars and membership engagement to pursue our Mission and create value in the industry.  It takes resources to know and control our technology future, and to join Conexxus is an investment in understanding, controlling and profiting by technology.   

Your technology future is in your hands.  Don’t go it alone; let us solve it for you.


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