Mobile Payment Standard (XML)

The Conexxus Mobile Payment Specification provides a standard message interface between existing Site Systems (e.g., Point of Sale, Electronic Payment Server, Forecourt Device Controller) and a Mobile Payment Processing Application.  This enables transactions both in-store (with or without fuel) and forecourt purchases through a mobile device (e.g., smartphone, tablet, connected car).  It provides a solution for common use cases (e.g., pay for merchandise inside, pre-pay for fuel inside (with or without additional merchandise), pay at the pump, buy a car wash outside).  The Specification also supports loyalty functionality.

The Conexxus Mobile Payment Specification allows for site-level processing (i.e., using existing payment and/or loyalty rails) or above-site processing (i.e., the mobile payment processor interfaces directly with the payment and/or loyalty host).  In either case, the Specification provides messages into the Site Systems to control site specific functionality (e.g., pump authorization, car wash code generation).  To provide flexibility, the way payment and loyalty are processed may be different.  For example, loyalty may be processed above-site while payment is processed at site-level.  

Standard interfaces between mobile devices, mobile payment applications, and site equipment/networks foster innovation and promote interoperability for vendors and manufacturers.

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