Cloud POS Calculation API Working Group

Mission Statement: To create and prioritize business requirements for microservice based POS systems, and provide new draft interface standards (proposed) describing APIs for these systems, as well as propose refactoring of existing Conexxus Standards and provide drafts of such refactoring that will fit into the new architecture. The resulting APIs will allow POS systems to perform standard calculations across transactions as described in existing standards, including tax calculation, tax on tax calculation, mix-match/combo recognition, as well as operational functions such as line item correction (or deletion). The API will also  include information about age verification and sales restrictions.

Active Projects:
This working group is under the POSBO Committee. As POS systems in the fuel and convenience retail space have evolved, their architectures have been driven by hardware interface, customer and operator safety, and data security concerns. This working group will begin efforts in adopting an API based architecture to allow the Conexxus standards for POS operations to become more easily implementable for vendors and merchants, protecting the value of implementations over the longer term. This project provides an opportunity for a basic rethink of the architecture – reusing existing standards where possible, and creating new ones where needed. The work effort will provide benefits such as improving merchant/retailer flexibility, increasing supplier confidence, providing for simplification of operations, and reducing total cost of ownership. 

Working group Chair is Gregg Peele with DGP Consulting.
Working group Vice Chair is Sumith Sunder with Verifone.