Retailer Business Requirements Committee

Mission Statement: Retailer Business Requirements Committee (RBR) actively solicits retailers to help solve today’s common business problems and those foreseeable in the future by driving new work items that are consistent with retailer business requirements. 

Active Projects: 
The RBR Committee drives new work items and serves as a resource within Conexxus, ensuring that technical standards are consistent with current and future retailer business requirements. 
It is the responsibility of the RBR Committee to ensure the focus remains on what the retailer community considers important.  Committee members review existing Conexxus standards and identify any gaps that may exist between these standards. In addition, the Committee ensures that each technical committee addresses and considers the following:
  1. Internationalization
  2. Backward Compatibility
  3. Clear and Complete Documentation
  4. Forward Thinking (5 yr. target)
  5. Security Considerations
  6. Relevant Legal Considerations
  7. Financial Considerations

Only with the broadest possible field of retailer membership can Conexxus ensure that all of the retailer needs are being identified and the standards work assigned to the appropriate or new committee. The industry will benefit greatly as Conexxus continues to meet the needs of its constituency.
In addition to retailers, solution providers and suppliers are welcome to join the RBR Committee.  We encourage participation from this group as your insight helps to clarify technical issues and brings to the table forward thinking topics for discussion.  Note, however, that only retailers can chair the committee and vote on any matters put forth before the Committee.

The Chair is Ryan Uphouse with Sheetz, Inc. 
The Vice Chair is Abhi Patel with Nouria Energy. 

Last updated:  August 2021