Security Advisory Working Group

Mission Statement: The Security Advisory Working Group provides security guidance to all Conexxus working groups and committees that are developing standards.  Implementing security concepts from the start of development ensures robust standards that reduce potential security risks for all stakeholders.  This group includes members that have demonstrated technical expertise around security and compliance within the convenience retail market.  Members of this group must be and remain active as they are assigned to Conexxus working groups and committees based on their expertise of that committee's standards work and serve as a liaison to ensure security concepts are addressed.

Active Projects:
Subject matter experts are assigned to committees and working groups to incorporate security concepts into standards.  The group in general also contributes to whitepapers and other working documents specific to security concepts that are applicable to all Conexxus stakeholders.

The Committee Chair is Simon Gamble, Mako Networks
The Vice Chair is Randy Braatz, PDI

Last updated:  March 2023