Food Service Working Group

Mission Statement: The Food Service Working Group works to develop a standard interface for made-to-order food service that allows data transfer and synchronization between above-site systems, site-level systems, the back office, and the kitchen production system.


Active Projects:

The scope of the work will include determining what will be the standard practice for providing inventory, sale, and payment information to the back office when transactions are coming into a KPS from multiple origins. It would be ideal for retailers if the POS system consumed transactions and passed it to the Kitchen Production System (KPS) in a way that has been standardized so that the KPS can be vendor agnostic as to the POS that is sending data to a KPS.

The work will also focus on a standard that will state what information any Point of Interaction (POI) needs to be provided, and how it will be provided; guidance as to whether a Mobile app will be a POS, or if it is a mechanism that will send order and payment information to the primary POS that will provide order information to the KPS; and explore updating digital menus and signage with current pricebook information in a standardized way.



The Chair is Tom Quinlan with Bulloch Technologies.

The Vice Chair is Nathan Rao with W. Capra.

Last updated:  June 2023