Food Service Working Group

Mission Statement: The Food Service Working Group works to develop a standard interface for made to order food service that allows data transfer and synchronization between a mobile application with ordering, a customer self-service ordering terminal, the point of sale, the back office and the kitchen production system


Active Projects:

The scope of the work will include determining what will be the standard practice for providing inventory, sale, and payment information to the back office when transaction origins are coming into a KPS from multiple origins. I would be ideal for retailers if the POS system ingested transactions (including payment information) and passed it to the Kitchen Production System (KPS) in a way that has been standardized so that the KPS can be vendor agnostic as to the POS that is sending data to it.

The work will also focus on a standard that will state what information a Customer Self-Serve (CSS) Kiosk needs to be provided, and how it will be provided; guidance as to whether a Mobile app will be a POS, or if it is a mechanism that will send order and payment information to the primary POS that will provide order information to the KPS; and explore updating digital menus and signage with current pricebook information in a standardized way.



The Chair is Ted Donley with Dumac Business Systems.

The Vice Chair is David Brown with Verifone. 

Last updated:  October 2022