Device Integration Committee

Mission Statement: The Device Integration Committee develops and/or adopts standards to facilitate the integration of all devices and applications within a convenience store both on the forecourt and within the store and to offsite systems. The objective is to have all devices in a store connected and communicating with each other as well as the home office.

Active Projects:
Device Integration work efforts include updates to the POS to FDC (Forecourt Device Controller) standard, a published Site Asset Data standard, and the development of Car Wash to FDC standard. The Site Asset Data Specification allows various systems in retail convenience and fueling locations to use a standard format to transmit site asset data to an offsite entity for collection, processing, and analysis. The Site Asset Data specification is being enhanced to include UST (underground storage tank) data.

The Car Wash Working Group effort looks to standardize messages between the car wash terminal and FDC for code management, payment, and loyalty processing. 

The IoT Working Group's mission is to create an IoT data model standard that can be leveraged for the collection and normalization of data generated by IoT devices & sensors.

The Intelligent Cash Drawer Working Group is working to develop a standard interface for an Intelligent Cash Drawer that will allow Conexxus retail members to easily and quickly implement Intelligent Cash Drawer functionality into their POS environments and offer retailers the full advantage of automated cash counting at the Point of Sale, the ability to streamline cash handling processes, and control and reduce their cash losses. 

Device Integration has a joint work item with the Data Security Standards Committee on the white paper “Getting Unsecure Data In & Out of a Secure Environment.” The white paper’s goal is to provide guidance to software developers and system implementers designing applications which have a requirement to transfer non-sensitive data that is created inside a PCI-DSS secure network, to an entity outside of that secure network. The intended use is to provide sufficient reason for receiving devices to remain out of scope for PCI-DSS compliance.
The Committee and Working Groups solicit the active participation of retailers and suppliers. Retailers ensure that the standards are moving in the direction that will best satisfy retailers' needs both now and in the foreseeable future. Supplier participation ensures that the standards accurately reflect the capabilities of present and future systems. The industry will greatly benefit as the developed standards gain greater traction in the marketplace.

Working groups have formed to develop messaging standards for forecourt device controllers, auto safes, car washes, electronic signs, fueling dispensers and tank gauges. Other working groups will be established to complete the suite of messaging standards for other devices, services, and applications in use today and in the foreseeable future.

Active Working Groups:
Forecourt Device Controller (FDC) Working Group

Car Wash Working Group

IoT Working Group

Intelligent Cash Drawer Working Group

The Committee Chair is Bradford Loewy, NCR.
The Vice Chair is Don Emery, CHS/Cenex.