POS Back Office Committee

Mission Statement:

The mission of the POS/Back Office Committee is to develop standards that facilitate the efficient communication of information specific to the convenience and petroleum retailing environment particularly between the traditional functions of point of sale devices and back office workstations. 

The Committee is charged with maintaining the present version of the POS/Backoffice Conexxus-NAXML standard by reviewing, maintaining, and approving change requests to it.  The requested changes come from suppliers and retailers on the committee or from requests submitted by the Retail Business Requirements committee.

Active Projects:

  • Publication (in progress) of POS/Backoffice NAXML v3.7 - better documentation for use of the POS-Journal, and the addition of EPS reporting that aligns with the POS-Journal.
  • Food Service - creation of standards to support food service is an approved new work item.
  • Planning for a major revision (POS/Backoffice NAXML 4.0) with extended support for JSON and APIs.


  • Committee Chair - Anil Bhat, Verifone
  • Vice Chair - Bill Wade, PDI


Last updated April 2024