Car Wash Working Group

Mission Statement: To create an FDC-Car Wash standard that can be leveraged for modern car wash functionality and by devices on the forecourt with similar use cases (e.g., air pumps).

Active Projects: 

This Working Group is under the Device Integration Committee.  A standard interface will allow car wash manufacturers and forecourt device controller manufacturers to achieve greater interoperability among car wash and site system vendors.  This result will facilitate the introduction of new functionality surrounding car wash.  This interface may also be utilized for other similar forecourt devices, such as vacuums and air pumps.

The development of a car wash interface will provide for a common protocol for a car wash device to communicate to other site systems.  This first version of the Car Wash Specification’s goal is to standardize generating API car wash codes.  Future versions will fulfill these requirements:

  • Selling a car wash from an external device (e.g., dispenser, POS);
  • Payment processing;
  • Reconciliation and reporting of car wash information;
  • Alerts; and
  • Price management.

Goals for 2021:

  • Q1:  Currently the Car Wash Code issuance API has been approved by legal and Device Integration and has moved into the API warehouse for development. This will cover the generation and retrieving car wash codes, Code Expiration, Voiding Codes and Code Management with related application hardware like Air and Vacuum.
  • Q2:  Work on APIs documentation for Card Processing with Payment, Loyalty, Car Wash Cards and Price Management. APIs for Payment, Loyalty and Car Wash Cards will follow Conexxus EPS and Loyalty Specifications and guidance as we do not need to develop a separate process for Car Wash Support.
    • CW API Demonstration at the Conexxus Annual Conference Apr 25 – 2

  • Q3:  CW API Reporting and Transaction Reconciliation
  • Q4:  CW API Alerts


The Working Group Chair is Tom Quinlan, Diebold Nixdorf.

The Working Group Vice-Chair is Open.