Joint API Work Group

Mission Statement:

The Joint API Work Group will identify commonalities between IFSF and Conexxus standards, both existing and future, as they may be applied to the creation of API Standards; the group will create API standards addressing those common needs.

Active Projects:

The group is actively working to create guidelines for creating APIs as well as common data dictionaries.  The guidelines will explain acceptance criteria for any given API, regardless of whether it is created by Conexxus, IFSF, or by a third party.  These guidelines will help assure a coherent API Ecosystem.  

  • Design Rules for JSON - mirrors the "Design Rules for XML" that were originally published by Conexxus.  Rules for using JSON Schema concepts to craft standards in a consistent way.
  • Design Rules for APIs in OAS3.0 - describes how to create OAS3.0 files ("Swagger") and documentation in a way that's consistent across Conexxus and IFSF.
  • Fuel Retailing Data Dictionary - dictionary of common property names for use in Conexxus and IFSF standards, focus is on FDC names currently in use in IFSF and Conexxus standards.  Eventually, Mobile and Back Office standards will be included in the dictionary.


The group will be made up of members from IFSF and Conexxus, with two Co-Chairs, one from each organization. 

The Co-Chairs are David Ezell, Conexxus and Kees Mouws, IFSF.