Forecourt Working Group

Mission Statement: To enable a standard messaging interface to the forecourt device controller to provide status updates for devices on the forecourt. 

Active Projects:
The Forecourt Working Group has released FDC V2.0.1 Specification, which provides for device control and enables exchange of device status and data through replacing proprietary protocols existing between the Point of Sale (POS) and forecourt devices, allowing a (POS) to use standard messaging to interface to the forecourt device controller. The Working Group is currently working on the next release of the FDC standard.
The FDC Specification is a global standard in joint release with the International Forecourt Standards Forum (IFSF).

This is a joint working group with IFSF.

Working group Co-Chairs are Clerley Silveira, PDI for Conexxus and Laszlo Por, Exxon Mobil for IFSF.