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“Our initial tests demonstrated that the TruAge™ solution works and works fast—posting verification that protects the cashier in a fraction of second. These additional tests are designed to pressure-test the convenience features as we move toward both stand-alone app-based solutions as well as solutions that can be folded into existing retailer apps,” said Conexxus Executive Director Gray Taylor. “In both cases, TruAge™ provides the most effective, convenient solution to date to age verify customers quickly while protecting their privacy,” he said.

“They’re not giving us a lot of time,” said Linda Toth, managing director at Conexxus, an Alexandria, Virginia-based association that publishes standards and guidance for gas merchants and convenience stores. The Mastercard move is like a “mandate,” according to Toth, adding that makes it different from past policies that simply shifted liability for fraud based on EMV status. Those merchants could still accept magstripe card payments. But under Mastercard’s new timeline, “if you haven’t migrated to EMV compliance under this new announcement, you won’t be able to accept cards,” Toth said.

"This is the new form of modern warfare,” said Gray Taylor, executive director of Conexxus, the member-driven technology organization dedicated to the development and implementation of standards, technologies innovation and advocacy for the c-store and petroleum market. “The takeaway is we as an industry, we as an economy, have a poor understanding of the risk assessment — the nuts and bolts — of data security."

“Mastercard’s intention to issue only chip-enabled credit and debit cards with no magnetic stripes is a de facto mandate for merchants to implement EMV payments at the pump or be at a competitive disadvantage with outdoor payments,” said Linda Toth, Conexxus managing director. “That means retailers who don’t make the switch before Mastercard stops issuing magnetic stripe cards by 2029 will only be able to accept mobile payments at the pump or be forced to send fuel customers inside the c-store to process EMV payments.”

“Our ongoing collaboration with Conexxus has brought a number of new partnerships into our trajectory,” said Johnson. “Technology providers like Electrum are so valuable to us because of their expertise and experience in this vertical. We are looking forward to deploying our first pilot with their team later this year.”  The Coupon Bureau is a nonprofit industry group and centralized data exchange connecting stakeholders to its new universal digital coupon project. AI (8112) coupons are universal, single-use coupons validated in real-time through The Coupon Bureau’s Universal Positive Offer file.

“What happens when all of Walmart’s inventory is available at your doorstep within an hour?” That question, posed by Gray Taylor, executive director of Conexxus, in a recent interview succinctly summarizes the daunting competition convenience stores face as both the retail and restaurant landscapes continue to evolve.

"Industry standards are a win for both suppliers and merchants," stated Linda Toth, managing director of Conexxus. "Using a 'write once, implement many' philosophy for base-line functionality and connectivity, suppliers can focus on innovation and other differentiating factors. 

TruAge™ makes it easier and more accurate to verify a customer’s age when purchasing age-restricted products, and at the same time makes identity theft difficult. A customer’s date of birth and photo are used to verify identity. When confirming age and identity, one-time-use tokens are placed on the customer’s mobile device to confirm legal age to purchase age-restricted products.

"I am forever grateful for the technical knowledge I gained through my early days of involvement with PCATS [The Petroleum Convenience Alliance for Technology Standards], and then for the leadership of the organization to bring about change and form Conexxus to become a broader educator, industry advocate, and a place for us to exchange ideas with one another," Collupy said

“Becoming a Conexxus Diamond Sponsor is a strong endorsement of a petroleum industry group that we very much value being a part of,” said Mako Networks President Simon Gamble. “Their ecosystem of suppliers, vendors, brands and dealers working together to devise standards and promote innovative technology that’s easier to deploy and support in the C-Store environment is very much aligned with our mission in the space.”