Conexxus Age Verification Specification V1.1

Age Verification V1.1

The Conexxus Age Verification APIs may be implemented by POS vendors to communicate with a supported Age Verification System such as the NACS TruAgeTM solution.  To get more information about onboarding to TruAgeTM please email [email protected].

The Age Verification API system supports a far-reaching system for verifying consumer age for age restricted product sales and supporting system-wide limitations on certain restricted product sales. With over 37% of industry inside transactions involving an age restricted product, consistent age verification is key to maintaining a retailer’s ability to “responsibly sell legal products”. The Age Verification API provides such consistency.

There are two main APIs in the system, each with its own schemas – the Tokenization Authority System API, and the Merchant Restricted Goods Auditing System API.


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