Take the NACS/PCATS Technology Survey

The survey will reveal the convenience and fuel retailing industry’s emerging technologies, trends, challenges and payment systems


ALEXANDRIA, Va. – NACS and PCATS are pleased to launch the latest NACS/PCATS Technology Survey of 2012 Data and are asking for retailer participation. Due to the timing of the survey, NACS and PCATS are extending the deadline for completing the survey

With your help, the NACS/PCATS Technology Survey reveals the convenience and fuel retailing industry’s emerging technologies, trends, challenges, payment systems and more. We aggregate and analyze this information and produce a robust report that allows you to see insights and information to help your business, including: technology adoption and equipment lifecycles – all of which help you to forecast, predict, plan and identify your competitive position when it comes to technology. Individual company data will be kept confidential and only aggregate data will be used in the final NACS/PCATS Technology Report

We’ve introduced a few changes to the survey. First, beginning this year, the survey will be conducted once every three years. While technology changes very quickly, it’s not cost effective to change to a new technology every time it’s introduced. Second, the survey is being distributed in an easy-to-use Excel format, providing you more flexibility to complete it. There is no need to search for a link to return to the online survey tool. Plus, each topic is clearly marked with its own tab in the Excel workbook.

And third, based on retailer feedback, this year’s NACS/PCATS Technology Survey is more comprehensive. As you complete the survey, if you do not have easy access to all values, please use your best estimate.

All individuals who complete the survey will receive a complimentary copy of the final report — a $500 value for free by simply completing the survey. In addition, we are offering eight winners a $20 Amazon gift card, to be drawn randomly from survey participants.

If you would like to complete NACS/PCATS Technology Survey, please do so by April 1. We extended the deadline to allow for the close of tax season.

Be one of the first to learn about the latest findings of the NACS/PCATS Technology Report on Wednesday, May 8 at THE Tech EVENT, which takes place May 6-10 in Dallas. Register today!