The NACS Magazine App Arrives

NACS launches a digital edition of NACS Magazine.


ALEXANDRIA, Va. – NACS Magazine member subscribers can now read the association’s award-winning monthly publication in a digital format, either at NACS Online or on a mobile or tablet device.

To download the NACS Magazine app onto your device, point your mobile or tablet browser to one of three options:


“We’re thrilled to deliver NACS thought leadership through a digital platform,” said Erin Pressley, vice president of publishing at NACS. “Now we have yet another way to reach our engaged membership with our insightful and thought-provoking content.”

March’s issue features part one of the NACS Future of Fuels Report and insights from our annual Consumer Fuels Report as well as a category review of OTP — and much more. App users will continue to receive the hard copy in the mail each month.

NACS Magazine is a free benefit to NACS members. If you are a NACS member but do not receive the magazine, subscribe today at Nonmembers can pay to subscribe to NACS Magazine through the app or at​.​