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The App Economy

With the expected launch date of 2020 for 5G, the use of smartphones replacing desktops as office management tools, and the proliferation of apps for business use, apps will revolutionize business processes. On the customer-facing side of business, a well-designed app has the potential to build a loyal customer relationship and be used as an effective tool for advertising and marketing.

Mobile Apps
Coming of Age Digitally

Established companies are beginning to take digital disruption more seriously than in the past, recognizing that digital leaders are crucial in setting their company apart. Digital transformation requires companies to increase the pace of their business to be faster than it ever has been before. Organizations that develop a growth mindset can adapt to the continual changes created by digital disruption.

Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4)
Creative Disruption

The impact of emerging technologies like AI, augmented reality, and blockchain have been felt across many industries and markets, and the creative economy is no exception. These technologies will offer consumers new experiences and paths of creativity, while presenting individualistic challenges on their application in the creative economy.

Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4)
10 Red Flags AI Project is Failing

Many executives have failed to convert their analytics programs into scalable solutions. In the early stages of scaling analytics, prioritize based on feasibility and impact, and understand the role analytics play in the present and future.

10 Principles for Leading the Next Industrial Revolution

The rise of digital technology enables individuals to connect outside the traditional value chain and deliver more efficient, effective products and services. Businesses can take steps to lead the next industrial revolution, including rethinking business models and strategies, designing for customers, and improving technological acumen.

8 AI Predictions for 2018

It is difficult to predict where AI will be in the coming years. However, because the benefits of AI are clear, such as automating complex processes and identifying trends to create business value, 72% of business leaders indicated AI will be the business advantage of the future. Organizations will need AI literacy and a digital mindset to achieve the biggest AI gains.