Technology Research Committee

Committee Makeup:  The membership of the Technology Research Committee (TRC) is comprised of all members of the Conexxus Board of Advisors, engaged retailers, along with Conexxus staff and specific NACS staff members.  A recent By-law change approved by the Conexxus Boards allows any non-member retailer to participate in TRC activities for up to one year, before a Gold or Silver membership is required.  So even if you have never engaged with Conexxus, join TRC for a few meetings or calls to see the value this group provides to all retailers in our channel!  Contact us at [email protected]

Mission Statement:  The goals of the Technology Research Committee are to:

  1. Research emerging technologies and related innovations that promise future impact on our industry, technologies and cultures.  The TRC effectively serves as a roundtable of the industry’s best technologists and innovators (not just IT but any job title that involves innovation and technology) identifying and pursuing the most promising innovations.  A key part of achieving this mission are periodic field trips organized for TRC members to centers of innovation, like Microsoft’s Retail Experience Center and several venture firms in Silicon Valley.  Based on Committee findings,
  2. We define the educational agenda - including topics, content and speakers - for innovation-related educational sessions held during the Conexxus and NACS events throughout the year.  Through this, the TRC provides invaluable and relevant content that fosters industry innovation and competitiveness.
  3. The TRC maintains a rolling technology “road map” that brings clarity to the fast-paced, and often confusing, changes in our IT stack.  From identifying capabilities that unleash Artificial Intelligence to handicapping the impact of autonomous vehicles; the Technology Road Map serves as the best consensus thinking on how and when our technology needs to adapt.

The committee typically meets bi-weekly via conference call, and face to face at Conexxus Annual Conference and when work items require.

Leadership:  The Technology Research Committee Chair is Mr. Ed Dzadovsky of Couche-Tard/CircleK, Vice President North America IT.  Staff liaison is Gray Taylor, Executive Director.