Adapting to the Covid-19 Disruption: Is there a 'new normal'?

Virtual Conference


In this era of the retail transformation, nothing has been more disruptive to convenience retail and fuel distribution than the global COVID-19 pandemic. In response to instant, dramatic cuts in customer mobility-related to personal and professional travel-what changes has our essential industry undergone? Changing customer mobility behavior: engaging fewer customers on the road with new, safer, and convenient services, that maximize the value of each visit.

Reacting: Changing key technologies and operations to support changing customer behaviors and ensuring safety of customer and staff.

Learning: Identifying changes that will be sustained into the future, those that may return to normal, and how this has and will continue to change your organization

This session will address how retailers have and continue to adapt the customer experience, marketing, operations, and technology in response to COVID-19. Together, presenters and participants can share retail learnings, and explore the ‘new normal’, what changes are temporary, and what changes will be fundamentally transformative for the future of convenience and petroleum?


Moderator: Dave de la Plante, Program and Strategy Director, Bulloch Technologies


Sue Chan, Associate Director – Retail Petroleum Architecture & Assurance, W. Capra Consulting Group

Chad Kobayashi, Director Retail Technology, Maverik

Eli Mail, Vice President of Merchandising and Store Design, Parkland Corporation

Don Frieden, CEO, P97 Networks


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