WannaCry and Other Ransomware: Strategies and Approach for Preventing and Removing It


Presented by: George Sconyers, Senior Solutions Architect, Omega ATC


Ransomware has become one of the biggest cyber security threats in the world. Very recently, WannaCry ransomware has taken the cyber security threat headlines by storm. 

According to FBI statistics, hackers extorted business and institutions for more than $209 million in ransomware payments in just the first three months of 2016. Many expect that Ransomware is already a billion dollar a year crime and growing. 

Ransomware has more recently transitioned from personal to organizational targets. Nearly 50% of organizations have already been a victim of ransomware. 

We review what ransomware is, how it enters your organization, and what it does to your systems. We outline a multi-layered approach to preventing Ransomware attacks with various options for some of the layers. We learn how to verify a true attack, what variant was used, and what impact you can expect it to have on your organizations. We weigh ransom payments and the probability of success with that vs. other approaches that are available. 

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Cybersecurity, Risk Management