Using Data Science to Proactively Manage the Connected C-store


Presented by: Ashwin Swamy, Director of Cyber Resilience, Omega ATC // Thomas Duncan, Senior Security Strategist, Omega ATC



The Fourth Industrial Revolution is making retail stores “smarter” through the increased adoption of Cyber Physical Systems -- systems and devices that are connected to the internet and passively collecting data, with back ends for processing and analysis. While the implementation of these systems provides tremendous upside for retailers today, the following concerns are frequently expressed:

  • How can data from connected devices be used so that retail IT staff can be proactive, rather than reactive, in the face of an increasing threat landscape?
  • How can data be collected efficiently from IoT devices for use in processing and analysis?"
  • Who has time to train machine learning models when there are so many fires to be put out on a daily basis?

To answer these questions, Thomas and Ashwin will discuss case studies ranging from anomaly detection using site asset data, outage management, incident analysis and response, and more. In addition, Thomas and Ashwin will use widely available tools and libraries while explaining how to:

  • Collect and parse data in the retail environment
  • Transmit and centrally manage data in the cloud
  • Define actionable insights from data that can help automate responses

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Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4)