"Sprinting To Digital Transformation: Using Conexxus' API Initiative To Compete In The Digital Economy" from NACS Show 2019

NACS Show 2019

Presented by Speakers:  Gray Taylor, Executive Director, Conexxus | David Ezell, Director Of New Initiatives, Conexxus

Application Programing Interfaces (APIs) are revolutionizing every aspect of business and banking, through adding flexible connection points to legacy systems that liberate data, and enable quick implementation of innovations and business models.  APIs have been identified as an essential roadmap component to competing in the future, and Conexxus is working with best in class retailers and vendors to rapidly implement a new class of standards that take the industry closer to “plug and play” innovation, while adding life to legacy system already installed.  In this session you will learn the key benefits of API architecture and how it plays an essential role in future profits.  You will also learn how current Conexxus work in APIs will effectively re-architect enterprise systems quickly and cost effectively, and how you can begin reaping the benefits of APIs in the short term. 


  • List the key benefits of API architecture
  • Identify how you can use API's in the future to improve profits

Download the presentation deck below or watch the video:


NACS Show 2019