Presented by: Linda Toth, Conexxus; Caleb Burke, CITGO Petroleum; and Paige Anderson, NACS



The webinar will examine the credit-card theft known as skimming, in which crooks steal credit or debit card information during an otherwise legitimate card transaction. Using the stolen data, the thieves then make fraudulent charges either online or with a counterfeit card.

Among the topics covered will be dispenser skimming, the types of skimmers and how to detect them, and how to prevent the crime. Resources will be provided to help convenience retailers implement their own skimming mitigation plan.

“Because most c-stores have yet to upgrade to EMV outside, our dispensers remain an attractive target for thieves looking to skim mag-stripe card data, which can be used to create counterfeit credit cards,” said Toth. “Certain metropolitan areas and states appear in the news regularly for high incidents of skimming and fraud, but all c-stores that accept cards outside, regardless of geographical location, are at risk and should have a plan in place to detect and prevent skimming.”

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