Securely Connecting to Third Party Vendors from your C-Store


Petro and convenience retailers use a lot of technology to streamline their businesses and deliver consistent service to their customers.  The networking landscape has changed from private, slow and expensive to open, fast and cost-effective.  This change has also meant that there are many more service providers able to offer hi-tech features and functions from payment processing to ATG monitoring to centralized BOS that are specifically tailored to petroleum retail.

 Retailers who want to take advantage of these service providers need to carefully consider how they connect to them.  Much of the data being swapped between the store and the service provider is sensitive and includes credit card numbers or personally identifiable information.  This webinar provided an overview of what to consider when you're thinking of connecting your stores to online services.


Simon Gamble, Mako Networks


Download the presentation PDF:


Cybersecurity, Risk Management