Progress in the "API Sprint"


Presented by: Gray Taylor, Executive Director, Conexxus and David Ezell, Director of New Initiatives, Conexxus 



Convenience Retail Operators are laser-focused on implementing new technologies, new architectures, and most importantly they are focused on gaining control of their data.  As they race ahead with development, they unavoidably create mountains of new “technical debt:” that’s the cumulative cost of non-standardized “one off” solutions, along with the cost of interfacing or boarding new solutions into resulting bespoke software ecosystems.
With the “API Sprint Initiative,” Conexxus is working to help retailers address this technical debt problem head on, through use of existing standards in new ways, creation of common dictionaries for data items, tools for examining interoperability, and much more. 

As part of this effort, Conexxus has created a new collaborative development environment in “GitLab,”  The site has both private and public work areas.  During the webinar, we’ll discuss the advantages of this environment, and how members can log in and participate. 
This webinar will review:

  • The “API Sprint” as a NACS sponsored project
  • “Table-stakes” architecture description—“API Sprint” will turn the standards-defined communication stack “upside down”
  • Additional Conexxus API work

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