Product Data Maze: Finding the Path to Operational Excellence


Presented by: Liz Sertl, Sr. Director of Community Engagement, GS1 US 



To compete for the consumer’s attention today requires a tech-savvy approach and an innovative spirit. Digital transformation for C-stores means not only leveraging product data not only for grocery, healthcare, apparel and general merchandise items, but also streamlining increasingly sophisticated foodservice operations. How do you improve efficiencies from source to consumer, provide accurate information in loyalty apps, import data into pricebooks with confidence, and generally take friction out of your supply chain? Join Liz Sertl, Sr. Director of Community Engagement, GS1 US, to hear how the unique identification of products already captured in U.P.C. barcodes can help lead c-stores out of the product data maze onto a path toward streamlined shipping/receiving, accurate inventory management, and ultimately to full supply chain visibility. 

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