Phishing-Proof Your Staff and IT Systems


Presented by: Ed Adams, CEO, Security Innovation, and Geoff Vaughan, Senior Security Engineer, Security Innovation


Phishing attacks come in many forms and test the resiliency of your employees, systems and policies. Reducing susceptibility requires more than just endpoint protection software and compulsory training. Phishing attacks often exploit application (and human) vulnerabilities to get malware onto your network. Some experts say there is little that application/system developers can do to combat phishing, but the way in which features are implemented can make attacks easier or harder to execute. 

Attend this Webinar to understand how to mitigate enterprise phishing risk from all angles. Topics include: 

  • How phishing attacks are evolving and getting more stealth 
  • The human factor: best practices for changing behavior including simulation and mock drills 
  • Hardening IT systems: best practices to ensure systems are built and deployed to resist indirect or automated attacks 
  • Not so pesky policies: how effective communication and incidence response plans determine impact 

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Cybersecurity, Risk Management