PCI and Small Merchant Compliance: What Does the Future Hold?


Presented by: Chris Bucolo, ControlScan

In today’s payments landscape, one of the biggest challenges small merchants face is trying to achieve PCI compliance while simultaneously ensuring a strong security posture. How can the smaller businesses you serve strike a balance between the two in a cost-effective, simplified manner—and how can your business enable them? 

We cover: 

  • New initiatives from the PCI Council and card brands, including an increased focus on service providers and software/hardware solution security 
  • The payments industry’s new focus on answering the following equation: Risk Management = Compliance+ Security 
  • A fresh perspective on P2PE, E2EE and tokenization solutions 
  • An inside look at the PCI Council Small Merchant Task Force and its goals for streamlining compliance and security 

Download a PDF of this webinar presentation:

Data Security, PCI Compliance