"The NACS/ Conexxus Technology Roadmap: 2019 Update" from NACS Show 2019

NACS Show 2019

Presented by:  Gray Taylor, Executive Director, Conexxus

Technology is no longer a facet of retail, but a fact of retail as our core consumer embraces the digital lifestyle. How can we hope to keep up with the pace of change that is now dictated by consumer adoption, and in a business environment where every retailer strives to be “convenient”? NACS and Conexxus have designed and curated a technology roadmap—essential and prospective technologies the high-performing retailer should include in their strategy.  This roadmap will provide an annual picture of what relevant technologies will achieve reality, by when, in order to provide clarity to support systems strategy. This roadmap is a compilation of research from outside the industry, specifically designed to “see” 10 years ahead to suggest technology and cultural evolutions that will prepare you for the new landscape.   


  • Explain the key strategic learnings from NACS that currently drive our technology research
  • List key technology innovation paths, not present in our markets now, that may rapidly change the technology platforms we use today
  • Describe the technology and cultural changes that are required to stay at the front of the digital consumer’s needs

Download the presentation deck below or watch the video:


NACS Show 2019
Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4)