Moving Toward Outdoor EMV


Presented by:  Simon Siew, Dover Fueling Solutions, William Nelson, Gilbarco, Linda Toth, Conexxus, Dan Harrell, Invenco



The 2020 date for the EMV liability shift of Automated Fuel Dispensers is quickly approaching and now is the time to make sure you have an implementation strategy in place.  Join Willie Nelson, Gilbarco Veeder-Root, Simon Siew, Dover Fueling Solutions, Dan Harrell, Invenco and Linda Toth, Conexxus, for a free webinar that will give you the latest information on what you will need to do to accept outdoor EMV at your sites.  We will review what the liability shift is and how it affects you, what equipment you will need to invest in, what hardware, software and other upgrades are required, as well as installation and other considerations you will need to take into account.  Mr. Harrell, Mr. Nelson, and Mr. Siew will also share specific information related to Invenco, Gilbarco, and Wayne dispenser upgrades.

Download a PDF of this webinar presentation: