Mobile Commerce is Ready for Prime Time


2015 is the year Mobile took off in our industry and 2016 will see broad deployments of mobile commerce at the pump/dispenser and inside the C-store. Follow the discussion with P97 Networks CEO Don Frieden (Vice-Chair Conexxus MWG) and Wesley Burress (Chair Conexxus MWG) who moderated the webinar session and gave an update on V.1.0 of the Conexxus Mobile Standard. 

  • Version 1 of the Conexxus Mobile Working Group Standard has been released … what does this mean for me?
  • Mobile commerce is now being deployed at many companies … what are the top 5 recommendations to “get ready for mobile”? 
  • Questions to and Answers from pacesetters in our Retail Fuels and C-store industry 
  • Multi-factor authentication and tokenization for better security 
  • Potential for lower transaction fees 
  • Future impact from digital offers 
  • Reduced fraud 
  • Faster/better user experience 

Going mobile has a meaningful ROI for oil companies, distributors and retail fuel merchants. This industry update will provide you with the answers you need to talk with your management as you make plans for improving customer loyalty, wining new customers and reducing costs of sales. 

Download a PDF of the presentation: 

Mobile and Loyalty