Managed Network Service Provider (MNSP) – What You Need To Know


Presented by: Alex Barclay, SageNet; Ashwin Swamy, Director, Omega ATC; Brett Stewart, President &CTO, Acumera; Dan Lyman, Head of Fintech Payments North America, Transaction Network Services; Dean Marier, Director, Technical Solutions, Petroleum, Cybera; Mark Carl, CEO, ControlScan; Matt Nelson, CEO, AvaLAN Wireless;  Simon Gamble, President, Mako Networks; and Tim Tang, Director, Hughes Network Systems

Many of the U.S. petroleum point of sale (POS) vendors require the use of an MNSP to allow remote POS troubleshooting, support remote software downloads and help convenience stores secure the POS Zone. And coincidentally, many POS vendors require an MNSP with outdoor EMV software. This educational webinar will tell you what you need to know about MNSPs, why you should partner with them and the many benefits they provide. Additionally, we’ll cover:

  • What qualifies a company to serve your business as an MNSP;
  • How partnering with an MNSP reduces your business’s breach risk while simplifying PCI compliance; and
  • The steps you can take to build the ideal MNSP relationship.

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Data Security, PCI Compliance