Incident Response Plans


Presented by: Chris Lietz, Principal at Coalfire; and Tabitha Greiner, Chief Security Officer at Acumera. 

A 2015 Ponemon Institute Study reported that 82% of companies predicted that they were either ‘likely’ or ‘very likely’ to be victimized by a cyber incident (e.g., ransomware, skimmer attacks, loss of PII, etc.) Those attacks will either disrupt operations or be contained and resolved quickly and discreetly. In many cases the difference is preparedness; studies show that firms with well-rehearsed Incident Response Plans (IRPs) have significantly lower recovery expenses. 

With this in mind, Conexxus created an educational webinar on Incident Response Planning.

Topics include: 

  • An overview of the Incident Response Planning (IRP) best practices 
  • Frameworks that you can use to measure your IRP maturity
  • A project plan and template the you can use as a starting point, if you are at the beginning of your IRP effort 

Download the slide deck:


Cybersecurity, Risk Management