How Stores Comply with Updated PCI Version


Presented by: Dr. Brandon Williams, Unionbank, Kimberly Ford, Valero, and Tabitha Greiner, Acumera

Every store – no matter the size – must comply with the latest PCI and the new version on the way. This session provides an update on process and compliance, including how to provide a self-assessment. This session is geared toward small operators and franchisors.


  • Describe the fundamentals of PCI compliance, including major players and associated roles and responsibilities, compliance requirements versus validation activities, and resources to find out more information
  • Recognize the realities of achieving and maintaining compliance
  • Use strategies and technologies to better secure card holder data (CHD) and help ease PCI compliance complexities (e.g., outsourcing, tokenization, P2P encryption, mobile)

Download a PDF of this webinar presentation:

Data Security, PCI Compliance