The Future of Application Data Security: PCI and Beyond


Panel of industry and security experts discuss the different threats and security risks associated with poor application security, starting with PCI and its data security and application security programs, and extending to other associated threats including vulnerable third-party software, malware and ransomware.  Session will include content related to the latest software-driven threats, best practices for vulnerability management, transition from PA-DSS to the new Software Security Framework, and how third-party software and services improve the overall security of fuel retail beyond PCI compliance.


Presented by:

  • Ed Adams, CEO at Security Innovation;
  • Mark Carl, CTO & CEO at ControlScan;
  • Kara Gunderson at CITGO Petroleum; and
  • Sam Pfanstiel, Director, Security Consulting Services at ControlScan



Download the  presentation PDF: 

Data Security, PCI Compliance