EMV: A Focus on 3rd Party Retrofit Kits


This free educational webinar focused on 3rd party retrofit kits for EMV enablement at your Automated Fuel Dispensers (AFDs).   We provided an overview of the EMV liability roadmap, an update on transactions currently being processed as EMV at the AFDs and the case for adding contactless payment acceptance when you do your EMV upgrades.  Also discussed were the various options for upgrading to EMV, along with the pros & cons of each option.  In addition, we looked at the various commercial options to pay for those upgrades.  

Moderated by Linda Toth, Conexxus


  • Dan Harrell, Invenco

  • Bill Pittman, Sound Payments

  • Julie Scharff, Visa
  • Dan Witkemper, Gilbarco
  •  Russ Haecker, Dover Fueling Solutions



About the Moderator and Speakers:

  • Linda Toth, Conexxus:  Linda oversees all day-to-day operations of Conexxus.  In addition, she advocates on behalf of the convenience industry at EMVCo, the US Payments Forum (formerly the EMV Migration Forum) Petroleum Working Group, and the National Conference on Weights and Measures.  Linda participates in the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), ANSI X9 subcommittees working on payments, and is facilitator for the Petro SIG at the Merchant Advisory Group (MAG).
  • Dan Harrell, Invenco:  Dan has over 25 years of experience in bringing innovations to retail and payments organizations around the world. As Invenco’s Chief Innovation Officer, Dan is responsible for a wide range of initiatives both strategic and directly linked to product delivery including leading the product management team. Prior to joining Invenco, Dan worked within one of the world’s leading fuel dispenser companies setting its vision for automation, outdoor payments, forecourt control and ultimately, its cloud services. Previous to that, he led the technology consulting practice at Radiant Systems (now NCR) and was responsible for leading the team and practices for integrations of Radiant products and delivering on the value customers expected.

  • Bill Pittman, Sound Payments:    William (Bill) Pittman is Senior Vice President of the Petroleum Channel at Sound Payments. He is responsible for managing product development and bringing new products to market.  Pittman has more than two decades of experience in payment processing and integrated solutions, both as an executive and a software entrepreneur.  Mr. Pittman started up and sold two software companies and most recently served as an executive as Senior Vice President of Product Strategy for Ingenico’s ROAM Data and as Senior Manager of Product Management at Amazon, responsible for the company’s internal and external global payment platform products as well as a number of Startups.

  • Julie Scharff, Visa:  Julie Scharff is a Vice President at Visa Inc., responsible for leading EMV and tap to pay initiatives for the US. Julie has over 20 years of experience in the payments industry, many of which have been focused on petroleum and  restaurant merchant card acceptance.  Prior to joining Visa in 2007, Julie worked domestically and abroad at MBNA, a credit card issuer which was acquired by Bank of America. A native of Kentucky, she now lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia with her husband and two children.  Julie holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from Georgetown University and studied abroad at the University of Melbourne while completing her degree.
  • Dan Witkemper, Gilbarco :  Dan Witkemper is the Director of North American Payment at Gilbarco Veeder-Root.  He has over 15 years of experience in Retail Petroleum Solutions and leads a team that is responsible for introducing new payment products that provide enhanced cardholder data security, including EMV and P2PE.  Prior to his responsibilities in the Payment product line, Dan was the Product Manager for Gilbarco’s Passport Point of Sale and Insite360 products.  Dan is a graduate of Indiana State University with a BS in Electronics Technology, and an MBA from Bauer College in Houston.  Dan enjoys running and has most recently became engrossed with his newest hobby of 3D printing.
  •  Russ Haecker, Dover Fueling Solutions:  Russ has 16 years of experience in the petroleum fueling industry with Wayne Fueling Systems and Dover Fueling Solutions. He has acquired a broad set of product and solutions experience through roles in fuel dispenser and payment product management, business development, strategy and M&A, quality, warranty, and hardware engineering. He  helped launch Ovation 2 and Helix (UL) in North America, worked on business transitions with GE, and drove due diligence activities for the acquisitions of Simmons and ClearView.  Currently, Russ is leading the EMV business for Dover Fueling Solutions through the U.S. EMV transition.

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