"EMV: Can you afford NOT to Upgrade" from NACS 2019 Show

NACS Shows 2019

Presented by: Linda Toth, Director of Standards, Conexxus |  Kara Gunderson, POS Manager, Citgo Petroleum  |  Jim Linton, Vice President, Folk Oil

Beginning in October 2020, fraud liability will shift to merchants when it occurs at gas pumps that are not EMV or chip card enabled. If you're still figuring out how to make the change, you're not alone. If you don't upgrade to EMV, though, you risk losing money to increased chargebacks. Even worse, it could put you out of business. This session will arm you with vital information on EMV, including industry preparedness, so you can assess what your costs and risks will be if you ignore the EMV deadline. In addition, you'll learn how a 35-store multibranded retailer successfully implemented outdoor EMV with the help of multiple vendors in order to limit liability and manpower concerns as the deadline approaches. 


  • List the risks associated with waiting to convert to EMV at the pump
  • Estimate the cost you could incur when the outdoor liability shift happens in October 2020
  • Analyze best practices and lessons learned when implementing outdoor EMV

Download the presentation deck below or watch the video:


NACS Show 2019