"Digitize the Impulse" from NACS Show 2019

NACS Show 2019

Presented by:  Brandi Johnson, CEO, The Coupon Bureau | Mike Vaughn, VP Software & Services, The Pinnacle Corporation | William Baine, CEO, Git'n Go Inc. | Howard Hyche, VP of Information Technology, Double Quick, Inc. | Brad VonOtterloo, CEO Koupon Media

The Coupon Bureau is a non-profit, industry managed entity designed to connect all parties within the digital coupon ecosystem to a Universal Positive Offer File.  In 2019, the Bureau, along with Conexxus, brought together coupon / POS vendors and C-Store retailers to conduct a pilot, and confirm standards within the space. Come to this session to hear about the pilot, initial results, and how you can get involved and access manufacturers marketing dollars that previously have been left on the table.


  • Explain the benefits to retailers in connecting with The Coupon Bureau
  • Tap into national marketing dollars from manufacturers that you may not have access to now
  • Compare the showcased retailer pilots with potential use in your own stores

Download the presentation deck below or watch the video:


NACS Show 2019
Mobile and Loyalty