"Data Security Beyond PCI: Securing The Enterprise" from NACS 2019 Show

NACS Show 2019

Presented by:  Sam Pfanstiel, Director of Security Consulting Services, ControlScan | Ed Adams, Chief Executive Officer, Security Innovation | Mark Carl, CEO, ControlScan | Patrick Raycroft, Lead Consultant, W. Capra Consulting

There is a lot of confusion in the retail space around data security risks- be in the transference of risk from 3rd party vendors, changes to standards, or how to stay on top of training employees. PCI tackles some of this risk, but your approach to data security needs to be broader in order to keep your brand integrity, and to keep operations going. Come to this session to hear from a panel of security software experts with examples from retailers on the risks, as well as associated costs of potential breach remediation. 


  • Explain the changes that took place to the PCI Software Security Framework in early 2019
  • List examples of threats to your company data- both for employees and for customers
  • Analyze the current security training you are providing to both corporate and retail staff

Download the presentation deck below or watch the video:



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NACS Show 2019
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