C-Stores as Critical Infrastructure - Cyber Resilience in a Multi-vendor Environment


Recent breaches of SolarWinds and FireEye have highlighted the level of sophistication of adversarial state actors and the measures they are willing to take in order to disrupt US critical infrastructure. Convenience retail plays an essential role in providing the energy for transport and ensuring access to necessary goods for local communities. In a post-outdoor EMV world where fuel dispensers are IP-connected, it’s critical that our sector prepares to rapidly prevent, detect, respond, and recover from advanced threats. However, doing so in a multi-vendor environment presents some obvious hurdles.

In this presentation, Ashwin Swamy and Greg DeClue from Omega ATC showed the impact C-stores have on our nation’s security, discussed the challenges of coordinating security response in a multi-vendor environment, and provided practical strategies for prevention and recovery in an evolving threat landscape.


  • Ashwin Swamy, Director of Cyber Resilience, Omega ATC
  • Gregory DeClue, Senior Cyber Operations Manager, Omega ATC
Cybersecurity, Risk Management