Road to EMV on the Forecourt


Presented By: Tim Weston, Senior Product Manager – Payment Initiatives, at Wayne Fueling Systems

With the EMV liability shift in October 2015, other retail channels should be racing to the finish line of their EMV compliance while we, in the petroleum industry, are just getting started. Inside our stores we share the October 2015 date but outside at the automated fueling dispensers (AFD) the date is October 2017. 

How hard can it be? Pop out the old and pop in the new right? At an expected cost ranging between a few thousand dollars per AFD to complete replacement, this is a significant investment. What is your roadmap for upgrading? 

Tim outlines the three major elements required for upgrading: 1. dispensers, 2. forecourt communications and 3. site EMV transaction enablement. 

Download a PDF of the presentation: