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Join the 2021 Conexxus Hall of Fame Inductee Ed Collupy as he chats with Gray Taylor on what is hot right now for Convenience Retail IT Leaders. Bring your own burning topic or pain point to the session to talk through different perspectives and possible solutions with two top industry leaders. Insights will include:

  • What keeps you and your team challenged?
  • Epic industry innovations
  • Languishing post-pandemic
  • Managing structural risk

About the Speakers

Ed Collupy

Principal, Collupy System Solutions, LLC

Ed has more than 40 years of retail systems experience in the convenience store (The Pantry) and grocery (Purity Supreme & Shaw’s) retail channels, including most recently as a consultant at W. Capra providing strategic, operational, and project leadership to retailers, emerging businesses, and technology companies. His involvement in the industry continues as a Facilitator to two Study Groups and as an independent contractor. He has served the industry as a member of the NACS Convention Content Committee and was Chairman of the Board of Advisors of Conexxus. Ed also writes and participates in on-line forums focused on retail technology & solutions, process improvement, & system implementations. A New Englander at heart, he graduated from Suffolk University in Boston, attended Harvard’s Executive Education session, Delivering Information Services, and returned a few years ago to live on Cape Cod where he is very active in the community. 


Gray Taylor

Executive Director,  Conexxus

Gray literally grew up in the convenience store industry with the opening of the family’s first convenience store in 1963.  Involved in the family business, comprised of 87 stores, he gained experience in all phases of convenience store and chain retail operations. 

Since leaving retail ownership, Gray has held a variety of industry-related positions, including: 

  • heading global product management for three of the world’s largest retail petroleum equipment systems suppliers  
  • Vice President of Research & Technology for the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS). 
  • Continues to consult with NACS on payment and technology topics


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