EMV Solutions Overview: Charge-backs are Here; Know your Options to Become Compliant




The EMV liability shift date has come and gone in April 2021. Retailers who have not converted to outdoor EMV and are met with fraud are likely to be dealing with large expenditures to cover the liability of those fraud charges. While there are a number of large outdoor EMV solution providers offering new pump and retrofit solutions that we have covered in past sessions, this webinar will focus on some of the EMV solutions that retailers may be less familiar with. Retailers need solutions to account for this liability shift, so please join us as we highlight some of these newer options to try and deliver reasonable EMV solutions for everyone.

About the Speakers

Dan Harrell

Chief Innovation Officer, Invenco

Dan Harrell is Invenco's Chief Innovation Officer. He is responsible for a wide range of initiatives both strategic and directly linked to product delivery including leading the product management team. A proven leader, Dan builds experienced, efficient teams and processes across the full spectrum of software, hardware, cloud infrastructure, program and product. Before joining Invenco, Dan worked within one of the world’s leading fuel dispenser companies setting their vision for automation, outdoor payments, forecourt control and ultimately its cloud services. Prior to that, he led the technology consulting practice at Radiant Systems (now NCR) and was responsible for managing the team and practices for integrations of Radiant products and delivering on the value customers expected. Dan holds an undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering and Accounting from the University of Texas in Austin, Texas and a master’s in Management from Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia.


Joshua Pynn

Strategic Insights Consultant, CMSPI

Josh has been working in the payments industry for over 2 years, engaging with the largest merchants in the industry to optimize their supply chain and provide valuable market insights so that they can build a robust payments strategy in a complex and ever changing environment.


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