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October 5-8, 2021

McCormick Place, Chicago IL

Booth #3770



Visit us at our Booth #3770 to see technology solutions in action!


Visit Conexxus at Booth #3770


Visit the Conexxus staff at our booth to see technology solutions in action. 

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Technology is creating opportunities for all retailers to significantly reduce friction and become “convenient,” and when everyone is convenient, rapid innovation becomes the key to success. The rapid pace of broad technological change is quickly transforming whole industries and requiring established retailers to create agile digital platforms that support innovation and enterprise accessibility. 


In the future retail landscape, technology is either your ally, or your undoing.


The technology track education sessions at the NACS Show provides all industry professionals working with technology a more personalized and high-value experience of learning, connecting and access to new solutions. These forward-looking sessions bring more value, deeper education and broader innovative solutions to attendees.


The AI-Powered Convenience Store of the Future is Now Open for Business

October 5, 2021  |  12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CDT

Location: E450B


I’m considering autonomous checkout, but don’t know where to start. 


Imagine a world where customers can walk in, grab what they need, and leave without waiting in line or stopping to scan and pay. Well, some retailers are already living in this world, opening stores monthly. Come to this session to learn from the c-stores and CPG companies that have partnered to open AI-powered checkout free stores that have changed the nature of convenience forever. In addition to better in-store customer experience, these companies will talk about using low-touch autonomous checkout to drive better margin amid today's labor shortage.


  • Learn the ins and outs of opening a checkout free store using computer vision through real-world examples
  • Discuss the opportunities and challenges of retail operations in an autonomous environment
  • Go deep on the impact of autonomous checkout to drive value for retailers
  • Discuss a retailer’s path to implementing autonomous checkout, without having to shut the store down


Ransomware Is a Symptom

October 5, 2021  |  2:30 PM - 3:30 PM CDT

Location: E451A


I think my company is protected against ransomware but want to be sure, and know what to do if it happens. 


Ransomware dominates news headlines. The destructive forces of ransomware can end a business, but are we focusing on the right things? Is ransomware simply a symptom of a larger disease? In this session, we will explore modern ransomware and how we can take steps to prevent it.


  • Define your role in preventing ransomware
  • Generate a plan to follow if the worst happens
  • List mistakes that can lead to ransomware vulnerabilities


Digitizing the Back Office

October 6, 2021  |  8:00 AM - 9:00 AM CDT

Location: E451A


I'm aware that digitization could help speed up back office and store operations, but am not sure where to start. 


Does the thought of digitization for your operations seem daunting? Are you curious as to how many of your team members will adopt it, and what the employee experience could look like in a digital workplace? From communications, forms, time and attendance, and digital loss prevention just to name a few, there is a great world out there in digital innovation for retailers- it’s just a matter of getting started. Attend this session to hear tips and tricks on simplifying operations while decreasing admin hours and improving the employee experience, through the case studies of two retailers who have recently embarked on this journey.


  • List “soft” and “hard” benefits of digitizing your operations
  • Map out items to consider in the change management required of a digitization journey
  • Identify and prioritize elements of your operations where things could be simplified through digitization


Increasing Foot Traffic with Your App

October 6, 2021  |  9:15 AM - 10:15 AM CDT

Location: E450A


I'm looking for proven ways a mobile app can drive sales. 


Whether you want to build a branded app for your stores or already have one this session provides a deep dive on all things mobile. Due to the pandemic, mobile app usage has skyrocketed with customers now demanding frictionless options in their buying journey. In this session, Dr. Kim Cuellar will discuss her first hand experience and share how to leverage mobile app technology to better engage your customers. A panel of industry experts will discuss the continuing evolution of mobile apps with a special focus on E-commerce. Learn how to drive incremental revenue not just through your POS, but also through your mobile app by leveraging E-commerce solutions.


  • Explain why mobile app usage has skyrocketed because of the pandemic and capitalize on changing consumer trends
  • Discuss the value of having a branded app and delve into app best practices with regard to vendors and consumer product goods (CPG)
  • Review E-commerce solutions and how to integrate them into your app


Creating an Integrated Mobile Experience

October 7, 2021  |  8:00 AM - 9:00 AM CDT

Location: E450A


I have little or very limited consumer mobile experience and desire to expand on it. 


One undeniable fact about consumer behavior, accelerated during the pandemic of 2020, is the consumer’s further embracement of mobile device connectivity for everything from search to order to payment.  Successful retailers must have digital connectivity to consumers, no matter what their size.  

The needed digital footprint and app interface with consumers can be a challenge to create, especially for smaller operators.  During this session, Kay Segal of Business Accelerator Team will share a digital journey roadmap which takes into consideration the consumer journey and how retailers can strategically begin their journey to create a superior consumer-oriented digital engagement interface.  We will answer questions such as: 

  • What are the first steps a retailer should take to map out a mobile ecosystem that includes search, loyalty, payment, ordering etc.?
  • What foundational elements should be considered within an app: assortment, digital shelf, labels, limited inventory, and so on?
  • What tradeoffs might a retailer expect to make? 
  • How can different digital elements be consolidated and live “in harmony”?
  • Where can retailers find assistance? 


  • List first steps to map out a mobile ecosystem
  • Determine which aspects of mobile are most important to your organization
  • Identify tips and tricks to make the move to a streamlined global experience easier


The 2021 NACS/Conexxus Technology Roadmap

October 7, 2021  |  8:00 AM - 9:00 AM CDT

Location: E353AB


I'm curious about where my next technology focuses should lie and want to hear from experts on their roadmaps. 


2021 has prompted rapid digital transformation worldwide. With that in mind, NACS and Conexxus have revisited their technology roadmap—essential and prospective technologies the high-performing retailer should include in their strategy. This roadmap will provide an annual picture of what relevant technologies will achieve reality, by when, to provide clarity to support a systems strategy. This roadmap is a compilation of research from outside the industry, specifically designed to “see” 10 years ahead to suggest technology and cultural evolutions that will prepare you for the new landscape. 


  • Explain the key strategic learnings from NACS that currently drive our technology research
  • List key technology innovation paths, not present in our markets now, that may rapidly change the technology platforms we use today
  • Describe the technology and cultural changes that are required to stay at the front of the digital consumer’s needs


The Payment Blueprint of the Future

October 7, 2021  |  9:15 AM - 10:15 AM CDT

Location: E353AB


I'm curious about where my next technology focuses should lie and want to hear from experts on their roadmaps. 


Venture capitalists are all investing in financial technologies. Online shopping has become easier through mobile and digital payments, but retailers are slow to see the benefits in brick and mortar stores. How can physcial retailers join the consumer demand for frictionless payment? In this session, experts on payments will discuss where digital payments are going, and how the convenience industry can abandon cards for digital currencies.


  • List reasons to invest in digital payment methods
  • Predict the future paths of purchase most desired by consumers
  • Craft a plan to move into digital payments, no matter your company structure or size


Winning Search Along the Digital Path to Purchase

October 7, 2021  |  9:15 AM - 10:15 AM CDT

Location: E451A


I'm looking to learn how to better utilize voice and digital search engines to win more trips. 


Winning the Convenience Shopper via Search --- Shoppers today have questions and they expect their device to have answers. In winning the convenience-minded shopper, today’s retailers cannot simply rely upon having the best physical location, but take steps to set-up data in a way that it can be found by search engines, digital assistants and in-car navigation solutions. Thanks to the introduction of natural language processing and the rise of voice-enabled search platforms, shoppers today go far beyond old-school keyword search and begin their journey with a question or specific query, like “Where’s the nearest place to grab a quick bite and get a book of stamps?” or “do any nearby stores have both a propane tank exchange and carry beer?” NACS knows that when shoppers consistently find convenience stores offerings and services in the search results relevant to their need, our entire industry wins more overall shopping trips. If you are looking to grow your stores’ reach by being visible earlier in the customer journey, you’ll want to join this session to learn how you can join in NACS’ new PROJECT SEARCH initiative and be found by the shoppers looking for your offerings.


  • Identify opportunities for your locations to be better represented via digital and voice search


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