The Barcode (r)Evolution




What will it take to have both the supply and the demand side of the industry understand, embrace, and implement advanced data carriers capable of carrying more data on-pack than simply the Global Trade Item Number? 

Many brands have added smartphone-friendly two-dimensional (2D) barcodes alongside the product’s UPC to enable more meaningful consumer engagement opportunities. However, these additional codes can cause confusion for consumers. GS1 US has been engaging with the industry to enable multiple, ever-changing experiences with ONE scan.

In this session, GS1 US and Avery Dennison will share how a new standard, GS1 Digital Link, can help provide consumers with instantly updated, trusted product information. Jo Anna Stewart, Sr. Director of Commercialization at GS1 US, will dive into key motivators for the transition from the U.P.C. to a 2D barcode, including consumer engagement, fresh foods management, enhanced traceability and authentication.  And Jeanne Duckett, Sr Manager Traceability at Avery Dennison, will offer a quick overview of the technology that is shaping this future and ways to best prepare for your business.


About the Speakers

Jo Anna Stewart

Sr. Director of Commercialization, GS1 US

Jo Anna Stewart, Sr. Director of Commercialization, GS1 US Innovation and Partnerships, has over 30 years of experience in IT services with the majority of her career spent working with GS1 standards for a GS1 certified solution partner. For the past 4 years, Jo Anna has been leading commercialization pilots for the GS1 US Innovation and Partnerships team.  She is currently working with GS1 Global Office to help progress global 2D data carrier migration.

Prior to joining GS1 US, Jo Anna had a long career at GXS / OpenText where she held IT leadership roles in data synchronization managing both GM&A catalogues and GDSN data pool services, actively participating and co-chairing GDSN workgroups. Jo Anna was instrumental in the progression of the standards and their subsequent industry adoption leading requirements for the first data pool implementation of the GDSN price standard in a production environment.  Jo Anna has a BS in Information Systems Management from Belmont College, Nashville, TN and is proud to call Nashville home. She is a huge fan of both the Nashville Predators and the Titans and loves country music!   

Jeanne Duckett

Sr Manager Traceability, Avery Dennison

Jeanne Duckett leads the Transparency Initiative Development for Avery Dennison Printer Systems investigating: Blockchain, Distributed Computing, RFID, networking and new technology and other relevant technologies for products in the 3-5 year. She manages the Food IP portfolio for Avery Dennison's Printer Systems in addition to holding multiple patents in imaging, RFID handling, and various aspects of printer design including design of Food Freshness Printers.

Jeanne is a contributing member of AIM Global and GS1 inter-industry organizations. She is also currently on AIM NA Board, chairs the AIM North America Food Policy Committee, and is previous chairman of the IOT and Blockchain Council, RFID Experts Group. She also participates on Technology Symbols, Wireless Communication, GS1 Supply Chain Visibility, and GS1 Foodservice Initiatives and is a contributing member of the GS1 Global Traceability Initiative. Jeanne has spoken at several industry events, including industry food shows focusing on technology, RFID Journal Live, GS1 Connect, and State Association Restaurant Shows.


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