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Walk through a convenience store with Conexxus' API experts David Ezell and Donna Perkins as they explore the Open Retailing APIs that are shaping the c-store experience.

About Open Retailing: Open Retailing is a joint initiative between Conexxus and IFSF aimed at creating standardized application programming interfaces (APIs). This standardization will greatly reduce the time to market, development cost and maintenance overhead of digital transformation. It is a key strategy for competing in the increasingly digital landscape of convenience retail.


About the Speakers

David Ezell

Director of New Initiatives, Conexxus

David’s responsibilities at Conexxus include the surveying of new technologies, such as those comprising the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0), and promoting the use of Conexxus standards, both existing and new, in these trending technology environments.   David continues to represent Conexxus at the World Wide Web Consortium, which he has been a part of since 2002.  He has led several committees at W3C and is currently a co-chair for the Web Commerce Interest Group and serves on the Advisory Committee. 

David has been involved in NACS Technology, PCATS, and Conexxus standards work since 1998, including chairing the POS/Back Office Committee, and served on the Board of Advisors from 2011 through 2018.  More recently, David has advocated for the adoption of open API architecture as a powerful way to implement Conexxus standards.


Donna Perkins

Standards Manager, Conexxus

Donna joined the Conexxus staff in February of 2020.  She works closely with many of the Conexxus committees and working groups to advance standards for the industry.

Donna is a 22 year veteran of the convenience store industry.  Her experience covers payroll, pricebook, POS data interface, electronic data, and other retail technology projects.  Donna has participated with Conexxus since 2006 on several committees and working groups. She brings a great passion for improving efficiency in the retail convenience industry. 



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